Nurture Your Family

“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family.”

Anthony Brandt

Trusting Your Instincts, to Nurture Your Family

Pregnancy, birth and being a parent is a journey. It is a road filled with happiness, excitement and special moments as you wonder where it will take you. As you navigate this new adventure it is natural to feel anxious and uncertain about what may lie ahead and how you can deal with the challenges.

It is important that as new parents you are nurtured with love, so in turn you can nurture your family. This includes trusting your instincts so you can be everything your children need.

Welcoming a beautiful baby into the world can be an especially challenging time leaving you feeling overwhelmed, wondering how you will care and nurture this precious new life, as well as look after you own emotional wellbeing.

Bonding, Nurturing and Gentle Parenting

Caring for your baby after birth, and being a new parent can be difficult, and having support in the early days and weeks is important.

Adjusting to life with a new baby is hard for everyone, but for some the transition to parenthood is complicated by a difficult birth or struggling with feelings they don’t understand.

This can impact on your desire to nurture your family.  Coping day to day becomes hard, relationships can become strained and caring for your new baby overwhelming.

As our children grow we find that new challenges come our way, be it as toddlers testing boundaries or starting school, to juggling family life and the needs of each member.

Support to bond with our children and support them with gentle parenting helps to nurture our family.

Helping you

Knowing how hard it can be to find our way as parents led me to try to help others.

I trained as a Doula to support families in pregnancy and beyond. I have worked in the NHS in neonatal, maternity, paediatrics and community services for many years. I am very passionate about making sure that support and evidence-based information for families is available.

But by far it is my own experience of being a parent that has taught me so much!

You may feel lost, wondering who you now are, since becoming a parent.

You may wonder how you can balance work and also nurture your family.

You may feel overwhelmed, unsure of where you’re heading and your future?

My desire is to give you the space to find again your own identity while still being a parent. To reflect on what is really important to you, what the best choices are for you and your family, and how to balance life while feeling more confident in who you are, so you can nurture your family, but also nurture YOU

So get in touch to share your thoughts and experiences with me, and see how I can help you nurture your family.