Inner Healing

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest of souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.

Kahlil Gibran

Healing the Inner YOU

Life throws at us many challenges. Sometimes we have a difficult childhood, sometimes we have situations that cause us distress and anguish. Sadly for some they even experience trauma that leaves them struggling to understand difficult feelings and emotions. Often we find life doesn’t always go as we had planned, living us feeling frustrated.

It maybe that we have health issues, or conflict in our relationships. We may be struggling with a loss of identity, feelings of low self worth or confidence. Or we can find that anxiety or feeling low are a daily companion.

Many search for happiness in life. They do this by gaining material things, position or status or other things that bring a temporary feeling of joy.

For others struggling in life can cause them to pursue things that may cause harm to them or others. There is a saying that ‘hurt people, hurt people’ and sadly this can be true. Frustration can turn to anger, causing pain to oneself or others.

The secret to true happiness however is something we can all attain.
By understanding that the power lies within us.

Finding happiness includes inner healing. We all carry things that can hold us back, cause us to doubt our abilities, struggle to build happy health relationships, or live the life we want.

Many have never had the safe space to even share their experiences or feelings, to be heard and understood.

Inner healing is not an easy road to travel but definitely worth the effort.

Do you feel that you deserve to find happiness?

Do you wish for more peace and contentment?

Then like me explore what you need to heal. Nurture coaching can provide you with a safe place to be heard, to help you see that your past does not define you or your future.

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