Herby and the Dandelion

It was bright, windy day in blossom meadow, the kind of day where the smells of lavender and honeysuckle float on the breeze, and the warmth of the sun causes the earth to glow.

Herby bee was buzzing around, collecting pollen from the wild flowers as usual. The sweet smell of the nectar giving him that happy, tingly, feeling. It was then that he saw the most unusual flower and it made him feel all curious inside. So with a buzz here and a buzz there he flew a little closer to see what it could be.

It was the most strangest of flowers, not like a flower at all. It didn’t have bright petals that shone in the sun, and while Herby looked and looked no nectar could he find, instead it had sticky seeds that suck to his soft fur.

So he flew up high to the sky, and he flew down low to the earth. He flew to the left trees and flew to the right the stream. He swerved and he darted but no matter how he tried the little seeds suck firmly to his side.

Herby had a bright idea. Maybe snail would know what to do? So he searched and he searched, all through the meadow till there on a mossy log he found Sammy Snail, contentedly munching on clover. Herby wriggled his bottom at snail, showing him the seeds that were stuck to his fur. “Sammy can you help me?” Herby lamented. “I found these on a curious flower”.

Sammy Snail’s eyes stood out on their storks, and peered at Herby’s now covered derrière. “Why my dear fellow “ said snail “they appear to be seeds, have you tried to shake them free?” Herby told Sammy how he had flew high to the sky and low to the earth, left to the trees and right to the stream but still the seeds suck firmly to his side. “No you must shake with all your might” said Sammy Snail with vigour, “shake and shake till they fall to the ground.” So Herby hovered above the mossy log, beating his wings as fast as he could. He shook and shook till he felt quiet dizzy, but still the little seeds stuck to his fur. “Im sorry dear fellow”, said Sammy to Herby, “I’m out of ideas, not much more I can do,” and Sammy went back to munching his clover.

Feeling downhearted Herby took off again, when near the steam he noticed a patch of long grass, maybe this would help him to be rid of these pesky seeds. So he weaved in and out twisting and turning, yes this would surely work. But as he flew up to catch the sky, the seeds still stuck to him not wanting to let go.

Then on a grey rock, he spied Specky frog, eyes shut tight and bathed in sun. “Specky he cried, please help me out, I’ve been attacked by these terrible seeds.” Specky opened his mouth up wide and croaked a laugh that would make you hide. “Oh that looks fun Herby”, Specky laughed with belly of cheer. Herby flopped on a daisy nearby, not impressed by Specky’s obvious amusement. Specky could see that Herby was sad, so suggested they think for a while. “I know” said Specky, “skinny dipping will help, let the streams cool waters your seeds wash away.”

Believing that the answer had been found, Herby perked up and flapped his wings, it was time to take flight. So he swished and he dipped, skimming the cool blue water, hoping that this time to banish his seeds. “Have they gone”, Herby shouted to Specky stretched out on the rock, but all he could hear was a big laugh, from a big croaky belly.

Losing hope Herby rested on a maple leaf, the sun was starting its descent from the sky with, ruby, gold and orange flickers. Then at the base of the ancient maple tree, Herby heard rustling who could it be?

Ah a flash of black and white, it must be Mabel Badger coming out for tea. “Mable, Mable, its me Herby, do you have a minute to spare me?” “Of course” whispered Mabel, “come down here to me.” Herby jumped off the maple leave, and floated slowly down to the base of the tree. He showed Mabel the seeds and told her about Sammy Snail and Specky Frog. Mabel smiled a knowing smile and said, “now Herby, listen to me.”

Mabel told Herby all about the seeds, how they are magic especially for Bees. That they carry flowers far and wide, that cover the land, turning it yellow like gold. Left in awe Bee felt slightly better, “Mabel are they to be stuck with me forever?” “No dear Herby” said Mabel with glee, “there is a way to be free, all you must do is close your eyes and make a wish”.

So Herby closed his eyes so tight and made a wish that was bold and bright. As he did he felt a breeze and when he looked the seeds were free. He watched them float off into the sky, now deeper hues of reds and golds. “They carry your wishes young Herby” and Mabel disappeared off into the grass. “What are they called?” Herby shouted back, “Dandelions”, the answer carried on a breeze.

From that day on whenever Herby flew over the meadow he thought of the Dandelion seeds and magical wishes.

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