Hair falling like golden silk, tumbling down, soft and caressing.

Cheeks blush like crimson sails, deepen at love’s desire.

Eyes green, deepest emeralds, flecks of bronze flash in candlelight.

Deep within tender parted lips, poetic utterances, stir the heart and soul.

Soft peaks rise above the heart, like hills full and rich of natures blessings.

Deep valleys lead to sacred places, pleasure, warmth, inviting, life giving.

Strong pillars raise aloft. Vessels for passage to great adventures, firm and full of grace.

Gifts from hands that softly embrace, bring gentle healing with every stroke.

Enchantment cast like a spell, intoxicated dreams invade nightfall.

There’s no escape, for love and desire are a master and you its slave.

For love and desire awakens the soul and forever holds it captive.

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