Birth Reflection Service

“There is sacredness in tears. They are not a sign of weakness but of power. They are messengers of overwhelming grief and unspeakable love.”

Washington Irving


Do I need a Birth Reflection Session?

Birth and transitioning to parenthood is a challenging time. While there are many moments of joy and happiness, there can also be moments of anxiety and fear.

While the birth of your baby is only the beginning, it can have a profound effect on you as a family and your parenting journey.

If your birth does not go as you had planned or hoped, or complications arose, or your baby was admitted to a neonatal unit, then you can be left struggling to understand and manage your feelings. In some cases you can even feel traumatised from everything you have been through.

How you feel about your birth experience matters.

Processing your feelings and being able to talk with someone you trust in a safe space is important to support your emotional wellbeing. When we are able to share our feelings, grieve the loss of a wanted experience and tell our story it can support the transition to parenthood.

A birth reflection session helps us to understand our feelings and experience, both the positive aspects and the difficult. Especially can this be important for future pregnancies and births. It may be that to others your experience seemed to be positive, so you fear speaking out about how you truly feel. Or it maybe your experience was a really positive experience and you wish to discuss what made it so for you.

What will a Birth Reflections Session Offer?

A Birth Reflection Session allows women and/or their partners to talk about their birth experience in a safe trusted way. This supports them to know their story matters and the way they feel is important. This can enable them to understand their feelings and access any support they need.

In a Birth Reflection Session I will listen to your story. I will give you the space you need to share any memories that may be causing you pain, confusion or unhelpful thoughts.

I promise I will hear you. I will hear all that you are struggling with and you can feel safe in knowing that how you feel matters.

Reflecting on your birth can offer a peace that comes with unburdening yourself of emotions you have held within you and are struggled with. It can also be very powerful to be finally heard and to acknowledge what has happened to you, including feeling sad, angry or disappointed, maybe letdown too.

A Birth Reflection Session may be for you if…

  • You are struggling with your birth experience.
  • You want to talk to someone in a safe, non-judgemental way.
  • You are struggling to understand your feelings.
  • You want to be finally heard and what you have been through acknowledged.
  • You want to share your positive experience.
  • You want to know how to access more support.

How can I access a session?

If you would like to access a Birth Reflection Session please email me;

Birth Reflection sessions are usually on a one-to-one basis and can be done in person (depending on locality) or on the phone, by email or over skype.

Why do I offer Birth Reflection Sessions?

I have made the journey to recovery from Birth Trauma and Perinatal PTSD. I know the loneliness that comes from feeling not heard, or that your feelings do not matter.

Often we are told, a health baby is all that matters but this just not true, you matter too and how you feel can impact on your parenting journey.

You deserve to be heard, your deserve to no longer hold your story deep within you.

For me being heard, having my experience acknowledged set me on the road to healing.

This is what I want for You too.