“I have decided that the only way to live is to embrace grief. For grief only exists where love lived first.”

Franchesca Cox

Sadly not all pregnancies and births means a family comes home with a baby.

For some pregnancy is a time of loss, and it doesn’t matter when the loss of a baby happens, the pain is felt deeply by a whole family.

For some birth is a time of loss and not bringing home a baby leaves aching arms and aching hearts.

For others the time with their newborn is cut short because a baby is born too early, or sick.

After the excitement of pregnancy and the hopes of having a new baby, dreams are dashed to pieces and in its wake is left pain, heartbreak and sorrow. Many families struggle to come to terms with their loss, many feeling despair, guilt, confusion and anguish. Empty arms are a constant reminder of loss and stolen memories.

Healing is a long and difficult road after the loss of a baby and as individual as you are. The emotions felt can be as wide and as deep as the ocean. It is important that you have a safe place to talk and heal, knowing that you matter and your baby matters.

Especially during subsequent pregnancies and births is having emotional support important.

Supporting you

I have supported many families after the loss of their baby. Be it in the days and months that follow or in the journey of pregnancy and birth again. Emotional support, birth planning, a safe place to talk and explore your feelings can be nurturing to you. Sometimes just having someone there that can hold the space for you during difficult times can be profound.

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Support Organisations;

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