Nurture coaching – live the life you want

As women we face many challenges as we navigate this journey of life. Whether we are just starting our adventure, transitioning to motherhood or wondering what life means once our family has grown.

Do You feel overwhelmed and lost with life’s challenges?

Would like to find YOU again?

Then nurture coaching is for YOU.

Hi, I’m Emma Jane, I’m so glad your here. 

I believe that our experiences in life give us gifts that can be used to help others. My hope is that my experiences of being a mum to my daughters, my journey of healing, finding peace, balance and meaning in life can help inspire YOU too.

I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, to struggle as a new mum and then feel lost and wonder what comes next. My journey to helping others was like a voice that whispered to me, gently nudging me onwards, that I just couldn’t ignore.

As your coach, I want to help you to no longer feel overwhelmed or lost, to rediscover life, to listen to your inner voice, and then be courageous to act on what it has to say to you. This isn’t easy, it means being willing to be brave, while vulnerable, but also committed to what your journey means.

If you’re ready, then so am I.

By down to earth, gentle, tailor made, nurture life coaching support, in person or online, I can help you to uncover your true potential, nurturing you to heal and grow, embracing your unique gifts and abilities.

Is Nurture Coaching for YOU?


Want gentle support as you embrace and nurture yourself?

Want to know how you can build a happy, nurtured family? 

Heal of past experiences in life that have held you back from flourishing?

Need a safe space to discover who you really are and where your heading in life personally and professionally?

Look to create a life with more peace, balance and joy?

Then Nurture Coaching is right for YOU.

So take a look around, ask questions, book a session, I’d love to talk to you!